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How eReader reduce carbon emission
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E Ink is dedicated to the replacement of paper with digital display for reading. In the past five years, there were about more than 130 million eReader products with a built-in ePaper module. Assuming that an eReader contained 50 eBooks, there were a total of 6.5 billion books in the eReader products and

about 100 million trees were exempt from felling. Equivalently, this made a contribution to the absorption of 57.20 million tons of CO2 on the planet. Using ePaper-based reader of eBooks can reduce CO2 emissions 106 thousand times those generated by reading paper books. Likely, using ePaper-based reader of eBooks can reduce CO2 emissions 50 times those generated by reading with Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display

(TFT-LCD) tablets, or equivalently a reduction of 27 thousand tons of CO2.