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  • I want to understand E Ink's ESG policy.

    To E Ink, both "profitability" and "sustainability" are equally important toward the long-term corporate growth. E Ink chases profit for the shareholders and the investors while pursuing sustainable development for the employees, society and the environment that E Ink depends on. Through the corporate vision "Aiming to Replace Paper. Not Paper, More than Paper", E Ink also expects to deliver sustainable values in corporate governance, social and environmental aspects continuously, with the environment-friendly products as the core, along with the innovative spirit and robust teamwork that E Ink is proud of.

    Please refer to Sustainable Management page.

  • What is your product? Is it envioenmental friendly?

    ePaper, our core product, has well featured the advantages of ultra-low energy consumption, outdoor readability, backlight free, blue light free, and easy on the eyes.

    According to the evaluation of the FTSE Russell Green revenue 2.0 Data Model1 under the Energy Management Efficiency IT Process sub-sector, E Ink was identified as having 99.93% of Green Revenue in 2020 and has a positive impact on the environment, highlighting the environmental benefits of ePaper products.

    Please refer to ePaper Beneits and Product.

  • What's your action to environmental protection?

    Due to the rapid growth and the increase in capacity of E Ink's ePaper business, the use of related energy and resources have increased. Thus, we have selected appropriate environmental indicators to control the consumption of energy and resources, and set targets for energy conservation, water saving, waste reduction, thereby laying a key foundation for environmental performance management.

    By defining the environmental indicator of intensity for "GHG emissions," "energy consumption," "water consumption" and "waste production" corresponding to revenue, the Company monitors performance year by year and set annual goals and the mid-term goals up to 2025. The revenue intensity of our GHG emissions, energy consumption and water consumption has been reduced year by year. There is also a significant decrease in the ratio in 2021 compared with the previous year. However, the total amount of waste generated in the current year will increase significantly because the general household garbage will be included in the calculation of Yangzhou site from 2021, so it is not compared with the decrease of previous year.

    Please refer to Production.

  • How E Ink manage your suppliers?

    E Ink has established the sustainability strategies and goals for the supply chain. Since 2021, the Company has gradually strengthened the foundation of sustainable supply chain management, sequentially optimized the management process of critical and non-critical suppliers, and incorporated the ESG work orders into the standard procurement procedures to carry out supply chain surveys/analyses and conduct supplier ESG reviews. The Company has also implemented the supplier ESG risk assessment system, and held the general meeting of suppliers on an annual basis for official communication.

    Please refer to Supply Chain.

  • I want to understand more about your social Inclusion activities.

    By promoting digital reading, E Ink closes the gap of educational resources, cares for the disadvantaged, and gives back to the community.

    In addition, we formulate and run social inclusion projects at our various sites in Taiwan, China, USA, and Korea according to local demands in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and work towards a brighter future.

    Pleasee refer to Social Inclusion page.