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The pandemic prevention team immediately contacted the governments of Taoyuan City and Hsinchu City where our sites are located to launch a testing hut donation project. The first PCR testing hut in the Hsinchu Science Park was donated by E Ink. We also donated another testing hut that was set in Minsheng Hospital upon the assessment of the Taoyuan City Government.

As the pandemic was getting severe, the need for COVID-19 testing become greater throughout Taiwan. We provided continuous support for medical screening capacity and donated a positive pressure screening hut to Taoyuan Zhongmei Hospital and Hualien County Ruisui Township Health Center, respectively, to improve the comfort of medical personnel's work environments, reduce the risk of infection and thereby allow them to stay focused on screening tasks.

As a member of society, we uphold the spirit: Contributing what is taken from society to society and continuously investing labor and funds to contribute to the construction of a quality society and the natural environment. Here at E Ink, we believe that apart from monetary donations, philanthropy also involves promoting social welfare and helping those in need of help in society through the teamwork of our employees, charities, the government, and our partners and their voluntary participation in ESG.

Maitian Project - Unceasing Contributions to "Charity"

It has been 10 years since the participation of the Yangzhou Site in the Maitian Project in 2012. Through the donation of supplies and volunteer services, resources have been provided to remote schools, and the cumulative donations have exceeded RMB 869 thousand. In 2021, with the "Rainbow Spring" water purification project, ebook library project, free courses, and drawing/essay contests, the students of 2 schools in Changshun County of Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Guizhou Province were provided with access to safe and healthy drinking water and rich reading resources. The donations to the schools in 2021 exceeded RMB 166 thousand.

USA sites's "donations to the disadvantaged"

A new philanthropy program was started in Jan. 2021 that provided $100 to each employee to match their personal donation to a charity of their choice or receive $100 in an account for their use supporting the B1G1 organization, a global philanthropic organization that supports the UN and the SDGs. As a result of the B1G1 program, E Ink contributed more than 100K impacts worldwide with our charitable donations.

USA sites's "donations to the Rosie's Place

In 2021, The Women's Network collected, assembled, and delivered over 50 care packages and other supplies to Rosie's Place in Boston, MA. Rosie's Place is a community center that provides shelter, meals, food pantry services, English language classes, legal assistance, wellness care, and more to women in need in the Boston area.