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Product Carbon Footprint
Product life cycle and carbon footprint

Methodology and Scope of Inventory

In accordance with the ISO 14067:2018 standard: We compile information based on the principles of completeness, consistency, accuracy, relevance and transparency, set thorough regulations on the GHG emissions throughout the product life cycle, and make impact assessment.

The target products of the carbon footprint inventory this time were 6.8" EPD and 2.9" ESL. The inventory focused on all the GHG during the material receiving and manufacturing stages, etc. throughout the life cycle of the target products made within December 1, 2020 to November 30, 2021.

Results and Third-party Assurance

The data and supporting materials of this inventory were verified and assured by the external third party, British Standards Institution (BSI), in compliance with the ISO 14067:2018 standard in March 2022, and the verification statement of reasonable level of assurance has been obtained.

During this product carbon footprint inventory and the verification process, we found that the TFT substrate of the material receiving stage and the electricity and energy use of the manufacturing stage are the major hotspots of salient issues.

The Company accordingly incorporates the development of specific carbon reduction projects and objectives into the long-term improvement strategies in the hope of continuously enhancing the environmental management performance with the joint implementation in the value chain. Our carbon footprint is expected to decrease gradually in the future, and we will steadily work towards the goal of

40% use of renewable energy by 2025, 100% use of renewable energy by 2030, and net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

6.8" ePaper Display and 2.9" ESL Carbon Footprint